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Thursday, August 12, 2010

MUDS Final series

This series been the last of all 3 series,this time we have Lim kor joined with us as well as Jiha.Both Ong and Chan were tied in same point,so any1 of them won the race will be the winner.I have to say Chan prepare really well for the race.In the end Chan won it and got the MUDS Duathlete of the Year.Ong in 4th,while both Chau and Lim Kor in top 10 placing.

Lim Kor been perform to his max strength...heheChau seem push very hardHill for ah Wong?no big deal..haT.Penasihat,Black Chasing with who leh?
Meanwhile Jiha got her 3rd in women open,after put much effort during training,she just satisfied with what she got for.Then we all back to Kolej 12,13 Cafeteria having lunch among Kakithoners.Our UTM bus soon reached and at that time raining heavily,luckily got bus bring us back,itu pun tumpang,dah kira bagus la.
This is our Civil super senior Abang Faraied,with him along u will never be boring,really thanks him for the support through out all the series out there

Overall,our MUDS this time wasnt in a condition we want or expectUTM got team no2,Ong overall 2nd,not much to be cheered about.The most important thing is learn from mistake and get back to the track to strive for success in future.

P/S:Thanks Pmtey again 4 d photoes ;-)

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