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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kakithon / UTM athletic training schedule

Please take note that we will conduct our training daily from 5.30pm-around 6.30pm except for monday (rest day) and sunday (active rest).

for active rest, just go for any other sports according to your own interest. remember to take good care and try to minimise any injury risk.

place: padang hoki, near the kindergarden.

if any of you cant make it for training, pls inform in advance and if got any problem, feel free to ask. (we are a team, so pls help us so we can help back)

training consistency and commitment are our main priority in oder to get support from Unit Sukan and to ensure that our junior will not have much hassle when dealing with them in the future.

*since Raya holidays are around the corner, so this monday training (30 August 2010) will be continue as usual. same place, same time.

*this wednesday (1st september 2010), training will be conducted at pusat kesihatan, 5pm, to help abang Black to do his survey regarding the effect of fasting during the ramadhan month.

there are several races that we might be joining ( only those who are commited in TEAM TRAINING will be selected for UTM team)

1. Oylimpic day run ( 26 september 2010)
2. Mizuno wave run ( 17 october 2010)
3. 12 km run4it (31 october 2010)
4. Shimano UUM bike challenge ( 6 november 2010)
( these are only possibile races, still need to apply for financial support from unit sukan)

if got any questions and suggestions, can contact us straight away,
chin chun 017-9468898
gan 012-6251172
zaheen 017-3777240



brooks shoes said...

This training schedule is awesome...Are you open for a new member?
--Life is a constant change. u like..... said...

sorry for late reply.
sure, we welcome all the new member to our team, just come to our training.