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Friday, March 12, 2010

Powerbar Team Elite & Excel 2010

Before this i was the Team elite of last year of which i landed the overall title of MUDS 2008,being the first timer in this squad,alot of things that i very new to it.Year of 2009 is the crucial year that i need to prove myself deserve for another shot of the selection in following year.

Indeed,i failed to defence the muds overall title that won by my fellow team mate,Ayie.Being fall down from top to ground is something very painful.I knew that i have to buck up myself or else i will never get to shot another good results.

This year,Powerbar had shortlisted me for the interview list early of Jan.After the phone interview that i went through,i wasnt really satisfied with my performance,some more at that time was my kuliah period and my friend come in to interrupt my phone talking.Anyway i have to thanks Powerbar for letting me go through this phone interview as i am really far away from Johor to KL.Then i met with Don Khor,a familiar faces in our local running races also been in the elite team for many years.Very nice to know him,even until his age now,i really cant believe that he can perform such an amazing feat in our running races.10km me ok la,but then go into half marathon....he sapu me like piece of cake...haiz...He told me that he been selected inside the team.While i didnt get any news,so i assume that i failed ler,some more i can see from my other UPNM frens that so many of them go through the session.

Anyway to my surprise,i got inside another team that call Team excel,along with Chan of UPNM.Its a second/back up team of the Team elite.Looking at the lists,so many pros and national athletes there.I think i'm 1 of the lowest standard that go in the list ba...anyway its good that's an opportunity for me to learn.Esp Don Khor and Bro Shahrom,they both been my way of learning n target.Their motivation to me/younger generation been really meaningful.last i would like to thanks alot to Powerbar/Nestle,Mr Jordan,Kak Rose,and those i didnt mention for the part of the team.I hope all the kakithoners will not give up easily,strive hard and smart,and 1 day you will get what you deserve for!
p/s:if u wasnt fully understand what i talk about,its ok coz its my intention doing so.But if u noe/fully understand then mean u'r part of my life n kakithon ler..haha!

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