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Thursday, March 4, 2010

MASUM 2010

MASUM 2010 held in UPM stadium again exactly like last year.Anyway this time we came in early 1 day and stay in UKM Taman Tenaga Apartment along with other uni team.Staying Bangi area for the 5days there,i can only say that the food there are so expensive than Johor,i mean our own UTM here,and some more not as nice here.

This year our team has more members than last year,especially in long distance event,since i take charge of the managerial post..ha!In the whole team,most experience is Zaheen as he is Sukma runner,other than him all r just what we so call 'chapalang runner'coz they mostly only run or start their athletic sport during in UTM here.So i can only say their standard is around district/daerah standard.So how you going to fight with those national level punya UPM athletes???

Anyway i didnt feel dissapoint with the whole team performance,since we dun hav stadium,our stadium training only 1 week once,yet some of our runner doing really well in this meet.
Our best performers are Zaheen and Ting,both showing really good progress during the meet.Ting esp broken 2 MASUM record..amazing...!Ida been overtook by Ting,she still back with 1 medal,me also old ler..alot of junior from other uni can easily overtook me..haiz..anyway i backed with 2 x5th medal.Wong got his pb in 5000m yet still from frm his initial target..1 more year to go dude!Hsiung also same condition,learn from ur first outing,so as Gan,Fareez.This year most 'diao'is they making 5000m semi final at saturday night then sunday morning is the final!Lim n Gan unlucky just miss the final round,anyway lim also making pb in the event.
Chan,another oldman..doing better time than last year,yet also far from the winner time...try ur best neext year ba!

Overall,its a good experience masum outing for the junior,hopefully they learn from it,remember:"running on track n running on jalan raya is TOTALLY different story!"I myself also proud of our kakithoners dicipline is the best in our masum team!Kudos to all of u!

p/s:can share ur opinion as u like!also forget i really nid to thanks coach for his dedication of our athletic team!

Only chinese restaurant in taman tenaga there...we ate many times there ler..Happy b'day to u..happy b'day to Ah Wong!Coach is the front guy there!Ting in her keep chasing...Ting miss d gold medal by only 0.5secs...Hsiung walk cautiously in his 10km get 2 warning ler...Gan in his maiden 10,000m still alot to learn!So as Wong appear to be front of Gan and FareezCan see 3 of them chasing each other!30000m steeplechase,i quite satisfied with d outcome,anyway still nid to improveThis year jumping better thn las year,so improve few secs lo..our puteri emas,mas cant get d initial target of gold medal.Her oponent appear too strong 4 her..Izzuddin,another old fler...same as las year back with the bronze in triple jump,coongratz to him..i hav to say hes a talented jumper although very less training!Chan lead all the way in his 800m semi..'very siok leh'..he saidZaheen had tougher group with Yunus!5000m final,Karthik damp fast d national runner..breaking 2 record n become olahragawan!As T.penasihat Black said"University Men Health!"Best model again is Lim Kor!Lai...lai...we got ah sou to call ler!Hsiung can call lim kor as abang ipar ler..hiak hiak..y ah??u all teka sendiri ba..This year medal/trophy very special....never been before i receive such in track event de!Kudos to masum for their creative design in all this!Zaheen losing to Elaiyaraj from UPM So as Ting in her 3000m..nvmd ba..try ur best next time..Our kakithon spirit will never off de!Old jor....on the stage oni me n the champion Faizal(ums) race be4,other all new faces!Ting de Bronze in 1500m,also in record timing!UTM Family photo!Coach tak tau pi kat mane!

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ting said...

karthik said he is not national runner..but tahap like lar..hahah