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Monday, March 22, 2010

KL Towerthon 2010 results

Well,what can i ask more 4 this year towerthon???Just after Masum in UPM,then we left around 2 weeks time to training,the fact is that before Masum we never train staircase so that 2 week is very crucial for us.Anyway not all the team members of 8persons attend all the training session which i stress the most for a teamwork.So tak hairan la,ada yang tak dapat perform to the time yang i expect!Although you are good in road or hill running,doesnt mean u good in anak tangga!

This year,i can say is toughest compare to last 2 years,coz theres UPM team,Unimap,Um and our old nemies UPNM.After look at the team namelist at saturday,i know that its not easy to defend our title again,UPM have alot of national n SUKMA runner,Um n Unimap have some good runners that i lost before in Masum,while UPNM have their core member back.

Nak buat punya semua dah rancang during training so its time for u to show how good you are!Both our senior advisors=Mr Faraied and Mr.Black could not attend the race,abit dissapointed haha!anyway we will still continue our Kakithon Spirit!Some of us in group2 starting some in group3,i can only say,group1 is most advantage compare to group2,3.I with Zaheen,Chan,Wong,Lim and Chan in group2 along with Jironi,Muniandi,Arultevar,UPM guys,Um guys,so i can say that this group is 1 of the toughest.

I thought that i can improve some secs in this year,anyway its out of my reach,i finish slow few secs compare with last year,yeat still within 16min barrier.Then i saw Wong and Chan both in 17mins barrier,then Lim in 18min and Zaheen.So after look at the condition,my last hope is to Kecik and Chau,if 1 of them can dipp below 17min,i'm assure of the title.Anyway quite dissapointed that they didnt do what i expect for.Then meet with Chan Jun Shen and the UPNM guys,wow..they really fast with most of then doing sub 16min..So i think that to get the title is been really slim..but to finish in top2 is been assured.

This year organiser very slow in put out the team results,untill 11.30-12pm we oni get it!Chan run ecstasily to me and Lim Kor saying we get d title.."si boh? "i said...i cant imagine for the moment...then go check with officers confirmed that UTM Kakithon get 1st in IPT group..Wow ,i have no word to say,may be too happy gua..ha!Forget to mention Tng gt her 7th right after she finished the race..this girl really make us proud,last year is Ida,this year her time even lost to the guy well around 30-1 min+ only...guys watch out!

Then get the prizes,same like very year,tunggu and tunggu.Finally we get the crown.Be4 this congratz to Chan(UPNM)team for their achievement,no easy this time,they really tough this time,esp Mr.Amirulhafiz.This year the medal really nice,everyyear they making different design and nice medal..last say,i really need to thanks all the team members,without u all Kakithon will not go this far,3years ler..hope the tradition will continue...In UTM KLGuess whos vest ??Siapa punya kaki ah??Kakithon family..Chan front of elaiyaraj..kekeWong with a top runner beside himLim kor..Ting very strong post when uphill7th in women category..silap silap potong u guys!UTM Kakithon champs at last..

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