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Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 days 3 nites races

Erm...very busy de weekend,3days 3 nite is what i can conclude for our outing!Started from friday nite UTM endurance nite run,then energizer nite run,final this morning UTM Explorerace!Now i can rest ler,prepare for final exam then go for industrial training.As u can see above is 4 of us in UTM Explorerace finish within 2hours 1st again.Thanks to all the members inside the team,Chan,Lim kor and Zaheen.UTM Nite run,again Zaheen,Lim Kor and Ting finsihed top in their group,all of them got $500 each and $100 for leg winner.Thank Black and Jiha coming during the race.Then Cyberjaya Enegizer run,Lim kor drove all the way frm JB to there,Thanks him alot!Our relay team UTM Kakithon finished in 3rd while i join Ronnie's team got 2nd.Congratz our kakithoner,they try really hard to get something else in the race.Hsiung joining the half marathon also got his PB timing!Then after got our prizes for the races we quickly went back to Putrajaya sentral to get in the car to drove back to UTM already 5am morning!8am is explorerace!Lim kor once again suffer the most...pity him..This year explorerace is easiest among last races anyway we still need to run quite a distance to finish the task.As mention in registration form ,cham will get $300 anyway we just got $200 ,organisers said its 'tertakhluk kepada penyertaan pasukan'..zzzz..K finish ler,tiring...
After got our prizes,we went having photo with the Mr energizer
UTM Kakithon got 3rd placing,just 6min behind pacemaker...
MR Moey family,Pacemaker frens,and kakithoners(Wong the happiest guy that nite all becoz of....)
Starting as early 6am in energizer race!
5of us got our placing!
Kakithon relay team
Free shuttle bus rapid kl from putrajaya sentral
Kakithon family..mana jiha pergi??
Zaheen got his 1st placing again
Lim kor and Black!
So happy,lim kor and Black both got their lucky draw prizes
Senior and junior...Jiha n Ting
Kakithon family again...really a family outing!

Well,its quite long that i didnt post the picture of the prizes that we had won,since i just finish all my assignment and presentation before my final exam,i have little bit of time snap d prizes photo.Below i choosing the KL towerthon 2010 medal,plack and Energizer run Medal,plack.I love the design of towerthon medal and plack,every year they design different shape,its really a nice one.Then the energizer,their medal so so...plack quite nice,kinda like the sundwon plack

P/S:Energizer race nak complain sikit...marshal x cukup,jalan sign board x clear,x cukup,i think still alot ppl not satisfied with them,i just mention basic punya requirement for an organiser yg lain u all sendiri tentula..

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