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Friday, November 27, 2009

Pros n Cons of PBIM 2009

Heres the photoes being shot by organiser of PBIM,and i m quite satisfied with it which quite similar to Adidas Sundown Run
in Singapore.I would like to comment some of the pros n cons of PBIM 2009,if theres any mistakes or ur different ideas do not hesitate
to post ur opinion to me.

May be i post the article too fast without think twice about the race outcome of PBIM 2009,anyway i hope that with my post here will really help those either newbie or inexperience in our local running races.
Let me show out the pros of PBIM 2009 first:
1)Before the race,i think that the PG government been doing great enough of the pre race introduction and also when the bridge will be closed for the event.You have to know that such imformation is really important either to racer n non racer!Wong run steadily in hismaiden PBIM finishing!The fact is he sakit perut!....

2)Ya,its been sharp enough that the starting time of each category!This is what we runners want about!
3)Convenient facilities toilets been provided to runners before and after the race,Thumb up to the PBIM 2009 organisers!This i really have to tell u that not much running organisers in Malaysia can provide such a good sanitary service.
4)Water stationimprove alot as compare to last year,even for my half marathon,i can sense that atleast 4,5 water station been provided to me even banana station as well!I wasnt really show out my finishing style,always look at my hand watch zzzz..

5)Wow!i love the way PBIM Organiser start d event by hitting the chinese drum and half way through the bridge also with d drum that can really spur up our spirit during running!
6)I run for half marathon,so is it correct distance?I didnt use any GPS eq but i quite sure that the event is in 21km distance which close to the real half marathon event distance.
7)At first the organiser wan use the lousy method of lucky draw by asking all the no. but after discuss a while they tend to use the easy 1 by publish on the announce board for those lower lucky prizes,good!Lim kor finishing,nice hand work out!

8)Organiser good in capturing the photoes for participant,i love this 1 very much!
9)Uncle Moey told us that he got comment in Facebook of PBIM about the design of medal,and they really keep up the promise to make a nice look out medal rather than traditional colour which is blue,white n red.
10)Championchip,the running chip given free to runner,i love it!As organisers say as souvenir,never been before i got such item to be kept!

Ok,now its about the cons:
1)I dun really like about the parking area provided by queensbay area there and also its been quite messy right after 12am as alot runners coming in whereby the guard wasnt really control well about the traffic.I got heart some of my fren coming late need to ppark their car at Kristal Point which is 2km from starting point!
2)a little bit of confusing about the running distance whereby the signboard wasnt really showing the true distance,its a little different from actual 1,for example when we U turn at the bridge the signboard showing 10km and at that time,i clock 40min+i can really sure its wont be that fast that i run,i think most probably is 9.5km nia.
3)Banana station?Aiya,they giving it half way during the running course...cannot leh,its actually not suit for it,its either before the race of after the race.
4)Prizing giving ceremony wasnt good enough as they make it after lucky draw which all the crowd getting home!
5)I just felt that by providing a bottle of water to runner during half way just too much!In fact d organiser waste quite alot of water/bottle in this event,during running course they provide ccup of water been good enough already!
others>?can comment about it or continue my post if you want do so coz i may miss something else especially during race kit collection.

P/S :above all are kakithoners that joined the race,paiseh(sorry in hokkien) i put 2 of my pics inside,hehe!I just wonder d pic abit same with my Sundown race...


OP Chan Jun Shen said...

hey Ong, just to share with u something. my maiden IM, i curse the organizer for giving Bars ONLY on the 180km ride, then GEL only for 42.2km run=p

it actually make sense, there're reasons why they offer u banana DURING the run, coz yr calorie burned out during long distance, and u're not gonna stuff in too much food in yr stomach before the run right? so u're suppose to eat during the run, and banana can digest really well, should be no problem=) we really need to eat a bit every 10km to maintain the calorie in the body..

thatz just my opinion..=)
what do u think?

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

offering BOTTLE during the run is real stupidity. haha may be they think runners bring Bottle Cage when they run. haha u like..... said...

i c..coz i nvr in marathon races before so wasnt really sure about it,i just heart that PBIM offer d gel at 30km if not mistake.May be i never try before d banana in any other half marathon before but looking at ur suggestion alot that i need to catch up with itAnyway thnks for d infos!

lim said...

Thanks Chan for sharing the info...
I like the organizer in providing the bath room for the really good for me...thumbs up for the organizer...