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Friday, November 13, 2009

Final exam or Training?

I think its been 1 of main concern whenever come to the final exam for each semester that you guys need to face this kind of dillema situation.As a student our main responsibility is study well to get good results which will help us to get first class honour that every1 aim for.

But in the other hand,your shoulder also been stuck with training as to maintain ur performance.Since our group come in with several new faces,its been 1 of d learning process to learn to cope with such pressure.'Being an athlete is special for us' this what our Unit Sukan pengarah said to us recently.You can study just like other students,but you also can do well in sports!So do appreciate the gift given by god as to do well in both field.

Coping with such pressure will drive us crazy if you didnt really manage ur time well.I think the guys out there alrd sense about it.Slowly you will find the way through all these.1 of our very best example is our senior Kak Jiha, being in her final exam on monday morning,she went for Powerman,Manjung on Sunday morning thn come back all the way frm Perak to Johor,and if no mistake she only sleep a while only.Another example is Lim Kor with his very very important PSM(Project Sarjana Muda ) Presentation on monday as well,i and him rush back all the way at 12 midnight frm KL to Jb,actually we went for Perhentian Island Challenge 3 days 2 nights,yet the bus wasnt on time to send us back,You have to noe if you fail in ur presentation : ur PSM burst!That time Lim kor exactly like ant in the hot wok( in chinese idiom)i wasnt sure english been call like or not,ha!

This week also same,before this we planned to go M2M,anyway i cancell it at last not even Powerman to go.Want to noe y?Various of reasons that connected with it.Whenever you wan go for a long trip competition,you really hace to plan well ahead all the basic requirement that you need fullfill so only then you can get through the process smoothly.

I think i ad talk such alot liao.Just remember "learning is a lifelong process" then slowly or 1 day you will noe better and better!

Happy Holidays to all the guys out there

Picture courtesy frm PIC 2008

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