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Thursday, April 2, 2009

UTM Engineering Run 2009

This will be another event and will be held at 12 April 2009,As i and Chan finish our Kuliah and on the way back to hostel saw a booth near our Faculty area and got to realize is a engineering sports carnival.So i and Chan decide to join.Rm5 for each person.T-shirt macam tiada la.Ada Certificate ,lain i x pasti.The woman say will contact with me thru sms.Hadiah agak lumayan bagi event kecik macam ini.1st =RM80 till 3rd placing.

Anyway i hope you guys take this advantage to gauge ur performance and see how good you are in our uni here.Kalah menang x penting,what matter the most is take part and enjoy the race!He!He!I think most of the engineering faculty will have the registration booth out there.Just check it out!

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