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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Larian Keputeraan Johor 2009

A run which we register in such a hurry condition.Before this we dont really know the exact date of the event .On thursday Jiha suddenly sms me told me the event hence i just send on the name of 4 of us,Lim,Chan and Yong Han.The event held at saturday evening.As Jiha said was must be really hot..a mental challenge for all of us.

So,4 of us went to the Stadium Larkin,but Yong han decided not to join and back hometown in NS.After we reached there,only get to know that the starting time is around 4.30pm.As usual saw those season runner faces only didnt see the Kenyan faces.Even some from KL also come down to here to compete.

Last tear its been raining but this year sunshine.My starting pace quite good along with Chan also Ayie.I think that if i really maintain my pace like that sure got chance get inside top3 de,anyway it never happened till the half way i was totally out of my usual condition.I must say that i feel relived that i can finish the race in top 10 which was 6th.My time is 32 mins +.While both Lim and Chan in Top 25 position which were 35 mins + n 35 mins 58 secs.Ayie was better than both of them.

For women category Ida finish in 5h place while Jiha in 8th.Congratz to both of them.I think its been time for us to get the new talents.I dun wan to see all the same faces to conquer and conquer againt.Those first year student is what we really need.Look at UPNM,i really envy with them,as Chan with his fellows been doing really great job in making newcomer to fill in their places

photoes been taken by my cam when i my cam condition been spoiled the screen been hitted n crack ler...

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Catnip said...

Best of luck with all that