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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sirkit Mendaki Gunung N9 and S.Kembara Daki Gunung Nuang

Its been a busy weekend for Kakithoners.5 of us include awek Kecik went to N9 with his Proton.Among those who join the sirkit mendaki are Kecik,Ida,Jiha,Me and Mariam.So the first day was in Gunung Datuk,rembau,N.Sembilan the place where parliamentary seat by UNMO Youth Chief.This is first time i join the series.I knew that i was well over the age 21 jue before the race started so have no choive but to join men open category instead of remaja category.

Among those fit guy that joined the race sure comprise of ATM guy,such as Sangup and Jusery.Compete with those guy sure kena sapu again de...Anyway i already set up my mnd if i get the chance to finish in top 10 may consider have a try in it if not will focus in the next day race which was Gunung Nuang,the highest Selangor Mountain in Hulu Langat.Kecik and Ida in their Remaja Category while Jiha in Open category.The route wasnt i like to hike as its sempit full with semak samun.Anyway when going to finish ,Kecik potong me somehow i and him both lost our way to the finishing line.Since at that time Kecik placing is around no.10 so he say its been too late for him to catch up.Both of us finish out of top 10.

Ida finished in 3rd placing while Jiha in 6th both of them got their $$ of which rm300 and rm50 respectively.They had done very well to get inside placing.Congratz to both of them.Then we contact with Tuan Penasihat Mr.Black as we thought its better we stay in Mr.Faraied house which close to Gunung Nuang.At that day evening we went for swimming .At that night we went for dinner at Village View Restoran which serve quite nice food.I love the Tom yam Soup...hehe!Thnks again both Black and Faraied for belanja us,hehe!

The next day morning which was sunday was our last day and we been guided by Abang Badrol to the race area.Saw a lot of participant when reached the starting line up.Among those was Kenyan and UPNM Friends.The race started around 8.30am,the route to up the peak of Gunung Nuang was much longer.But for me i more like to this route compare to Gunung Datuk.I follow Chan and his fren till up our check point station.Anyway when come back down hill i was totally defeated by the other guy,as i was wearing Kasut Getah its left me so hard to down with fast speed anyway its has good "cengkangman".I finished in 7th.Kecik before the race decide to pull out where he suffered injury during Gunung Datuk.Ida once again got her 3rd placing in IPTcategory while Jiha got 10th in Open.

After race had chat with Kak Rose/Powerbar,Chan/UPNM,Lydia/Um.hope u guys,gals get the best in ur future races .So i can conclude that the 2 races been good outing for us to explore more apart from road and track racing...leran more gain more,experience been valuable to all of us,so hope those who joined will learn and improve for next stage!

The starting line up of sirkit mendaki gunung N9 ,in Gunung DatukJiha with her prizes.Ida with her prizes n plaxChan on his finishing line in Sirkit Kembara Gunung Nuang.He got first!Congratz to himFarid finished in 2nd,congratz to him too.Jiha with her cert and medal.
Ida finishing...
Woman open champion.....damp fast..Ida with her cert and medal.Me .....tired..dunno what to say..The kenyan finished in top 2...With Chan and Lydia...Changot his $$ and Deuter bag...
Ida took her prizes...

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