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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Explorerace UTM 2009

The race consist of 3 days frm fridays till sunday.As compare to last year which was only held in 1 day.The prizes been reduced to rm200 for champion as to previously rm500.The third will get rm50 .The registration fees is rm40/team.What annoy me the most that theres only 6 teams that join,but the organiser still wan to make it a 3days event!Comon guys think wisely la..only 6 teams make it easy held for .For the infomation last year was having more than 10teams and the starting time was early morning.This time?evening 2,3pm,aiyo last for 3 days nak kami mati kah???Hadiah dah la bukan lumayan......

Ok let me say how they organise.clues been change as last time is using picture de now change to malay pantun which make us headache a lot even ida also feel same!Route akmost the same but been increase to some places which very far de such as ibnu sina n Balai cerap(this 1 i really dun like)although organiser let us to tumpang others vehicle but i feel like more about last year which only feet can be used!

The most dissapointed scense is where in at station we been given sardine,wasabi,cili padi,belacan with the roti that been siram with raw egg white and got 5 roti there that we need to fiish it!Sudah gila kah?Belacan very salty somemore raw egg!we been lucky that become first 3 team reach that station which mean the material there still consider fresh.Then come to the last 3 teams which trailed us by around 1 hour,my another coursemate group they all been finish the firstday guess what happen to them???

all 4 of them cirit birit!2 guys 2 gals all been sent to Pusat Kesihatan at that night.The worse case is untill today/wednesday from that last friday which almost 5 days they all still not yet recover well!What the hack la the organiser never been think of others safety.And frm my other frens infos he also say theres around 10 person been in PK for the cirit birit cases which was considered serious!

So the 2nd day my frens team been pulling out together with another team.For the last year 1 more pulling out left only 3 team s to compete for top 3 placing.Forgot to tell that the first day last stage also offer us raw egg to suck!Chan and ida been lucky to get those raw egg haha! While i and Esther got the boiled egg.

2nd day coming and belacan again with cream cracker then minum dengan air cincalok!Also to markas Palapes to go through all those hurdle sure a challenege to those girll.The last day we been ask to go up balai cerap!Apa nak buat?separate all those kacang hijau,sagu merah and hijau!Boleh gila!Ok la last year we all tahan lo....still theres so many other games that i dun wan mention.

I dun really enjoy this explorace anyway its a way to help us to be in a team work together to achieve our goal!anyway thanks to all my members,Chan,Ida,and Esther.I think most of the people wont come back for this organiser anymore!

My rating to this event is 1 star/20% out of 100%,organiser should have know what kind of material shouldnt been used .I really sad for my another team fren which i also been influence them to join.Now this cases happen i cant do anything helpless and only hope they can recover asap.1 of the girl will back to her hometown,Melaka after seeking many doctor in our Taman Uni here but still useless........She is really realy in a weak condition even want to walk also so hard for her........May god help to bless them all recover in full......

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