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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recent development of Kakithoners

3 weeks in a row,i and Ida been in KL....What a relive now as its all over now.And the most successful kakithoners sure belong to this woman......Ida.After getting 9th place in KL Towerthon,she returned to the next week and had very good outing in MASUM where she got 1 silver and 1 bronze in her 1500m and 3000m track event!Not only that,this week she went to Muzium Telekom Race and yet again got the first prize in there event!Total Prize money she won?Banyak!!!!Rm1000!The richest kakithoners now!So kena minta dia belanja tau..haha!

Lets discuss some about the Muzium Race where it only divided to Primary school,secondary scholl and university/college category.10km is for uni category anyway after we had finished it,its just merely 5.5km that i estimated.Both Wong and Yong Han were caugth to the short disance,anyway hopefully next time they know what exactly strategic need to use in future races.For Ida no need to say much,her peak condition in these 2 weeks has directly help her in this race too.Without using much of her strength,she conquer the uni women category champ.Rm500 in her pocket ler....I myslef have a bit dissapointing results of finishing 8th in my group.Losing to those Indian runners again.Yong Han and Wong finished 14th and 18th respectively.What annoy me the most is those guys who are not in uni/college using fake detail as to join the uni/college category.This is not an issue yet,the issue matter most is they still can get the prizes in the category!Please la,do respect the organiser and event,fair play is something that we want to see.So many races that we joined sure we must know that being respect and follow the rules is something very important.By joining in the category,they had deny the chances of other students to get inisde top 20 which will entitle them some consolation prizes....till here is what i would like to say for this week.Photos of the race will be uploaded if i get it early.

1 comment:

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

haha why so many people wanna join Uni category? try to disturb OUR periuk nasi is it??? hehehe