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Monday, March 9, 2009

MASUM Athletic Meet 2009

This year Masum(Malaysia University Game)Athletic meet was schedule at 6-8 March in UPM.Our uni have sent around 15 students in this meet.Among the Kakithoners that joined are Chan,Kecik,Ida and myself.The events that we joined are 800m,1500m,3000m,3000m steeplechase,5000m and 10,000m.Both Chan n Kecik are first timer while i and Ida had been Masum last year.For the first timer guy,i think that the exposure and experience gain during the race is much valuable than any other thing!Chan went in his race of 800m n 1500m in the first 2 days while Kecik joined 10,000m in the first event of the first day!His another event was at last day which was 5000m on morning.Ida 1500m and 3000m was held at saturday and last day respectively.Me?I am the teruk sekali coz both my events was held at last day morning and evening.Morning is 5000m while evening 3000m steeplechase(my headache event).Chan joined 800m semi final and he felt the heat of the challenge.He used the wrong strategic and this has cost him the final round slot,he felt so miserable anyway i hope that with this mistake he done,he will bounce back next year and not give up easily.

Kecik 10,000m was the earliest event,being the first timer also,i think he had done very well to cope withg the pressure out there.Coach Yusuff ask me to jolt down every single lap time achieved by him and to his own surprise he finished the 25 laps in a time of 41mins+ which was his personal best so far.Anyway he didnt get inside top 5 to get at least a medal.The 5th placing guy was frm UPNM and his time was 40mins+,so kecik will really has the chance if he chase the front pack early.Kecik himself was 7th place!

Then come to Ida,her starting was quite far away from the front pack yet she was lucky to come frm behind to get inside medal hope for the 1500m event.Her finishing was quite good only the starting movement need to adjust a bit,anyway she also wear the running shoes for the event which coach and all of us think not really suitable as spike suppose to be the better choice and the condition on the track also a bit wet after downpour.She finished 3rd in this event.

Chan and Syed were joined the 1500m race in evening also and was final round.The pack was strong as Jironi the national athlete also joined the event.He is a class above the rest and achieved the record of 4mins 4 secs for the events.While both Chan and Syed finish in time of 5mins sub respectively.I knew that both of them felt dissapointed with the result,yet they can learn a lot frm the race!For the information,last year i joined 800m and 1500m and i suffered my worst defeat in these 2 events also.I learnt frm the mistake and make sure dun repeat it in coming event.

Last day was the action of Kecik,ida and myself.5000m event on morning,I and Kecik had been run 20mins during training,so i thin it shouldnt be any problem for him to run 19mins+ result.The front pack include Jironi and Sabahan Faizal who won 10,000m on friday won time of 36mins 58 secs.I chased the front pack for around 3 laps and never look behind since then.I finished the rcae in time of 18mins 44secs which my PB so far,coz before this i seldom joined 5000m even i joined only was during my uni game where i achieved time of 19.30secs.I am satisfied and happy with the guidance frm coach Yusuff.Kecik finisnhed in 19mins 48 secs which also his PB.

Evening races left me and Ida.Ida used right strategic and she manage to get 2nd placing inthe 3000m event.I didnt see much of her action coz i was preparing of my 3000m steeplechase event.For the event i can only say that i will try my best to achieve something.THis event i only ran once in my whole life which was my secondary school time and the time was bad.Since then i never try it and i feel really scare of jumping across the wooden bar and water pond there.Before this i used to running shoes for the event but coach recommend me to use spike.To my surprise i still can hang on there for the 7.5 lapsI knew that my weakness are the water jumping section anyway i still manage to cross over it yet my body wet....Trying to follow the leader but he too fast so i make sure hang on the 2nd place and thnks GOD i make it to the last also.Time wasnt good 11 mins 54secs but i still satisfied with my condition regarding my endurance and body strength.

This year MASUM organiser i have given thumb up to them,every events were started on time,prizing ceremony,results reporting all was fast enough.I am happy with my own performance,yet need to improve in coming events.I met my old buddies Kavin talk a lot with him,He is change back to USM,feel happy to meet him after so long.Syahidan the guy frm UITM,we also encourage each other.I hope that those guys with injury take care themselve well,think of ur future and not the short term condition.We all still have long journey to go...C u in next year MASUM!!!

Kecik in action of the 10,000m
Syed in his maiden 800m in MASUM.
Chan and Syed in 1500m,tengok macam susah sangat for both of them,haha!
Jironi leading all the way in 1500mThe style of running of Jironi,Chan's IdolMy action in 3000m steeplechase,seem beside the champion from Um,WanJumping over the pond,menakutkan for me,coz everytime touch a lot of waterCrossed over the wooden bar,never use spike to do it before,takut tergelincir....Mas with her medal in Heptathlon,she got 2ndIzzuddin with his 3rd placing medal in triple jump,a surprise for him and us.During prizing ceremony of 5000m,lost to first place guy 24 secs..3000m steeplchase ceremonyIda with her 3000m silver medalChan's Idol Jironi pose themselve.Jironi alse been selected as best male athlete.UTM athletics team membersWith coach Yusuff and ChanMe,Syahidan and KecikThe medal that won by me,silver and bronze medal

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