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Monday, March 2, 2009

KL Towerthon 2009 Results Part 1

The most awaited event for us is back......Because of this event come out the idea of Kakithon today,because of this event we all have been working so hard to make sure we stay together to achieve our mission race by race and to improve our performance no matter who you are,which course,college you come from.....Our Tuan Penasihat,Mr Black has gone to UPM to extend his study in 1 year time he will be backed again.Saturday morning 11,13 of us went to KL by UTM bus of which 2 teams being sponsored by Unit Sukan where the teams name is Kakithon UTM A and Kakithon UTM B.I would like to thank En.Idris for his kindness of sponsoring us in this event.

Who are the team member>?Team A include me,Lim,Chan,Khairul Faiz and Lee while team B conclude of Ida,Yong Han,Wong,Ady and Sham.Our main opponent this year will be still UPNM.So we arrived at the collection centre already around 5pm and we were so lucky to meet Mr Black and Mr.Faraied my civil engineering senior and UTM Alumni.Both of them have been buddies for so long.After getting our chip and No.we chit chat a while as Mr.Faraied is newcomer in this event,So we just discussed abit about the strategic that can be used during the race day.

This is the 2nd time i get into UTM KL Kolej Kedua.Its been some paper work problem where our keys were not included in the guard house so we cant check in our hostel only to wait for Pn Naema(UTM Officer) to distribute us the room key.Anyway everything was settle in the end and our Masum Coach Yusuf arrive at night around 9.30pm.i am glad that he make it which will accompany us during the race and his advice been really useful for us.Thanks him a lot..

The race day was on....its been quite funny that our UTM Bus driver dont know how to reach KL tower map.....zzzzzz....anyway we still get to Jalan P.Ramlee and walk up the hill nearby to reach the starting line.

This year event been a lot of people join which i think more than last year.We all are in group 2 starting line up which from no.300 above.Then Kenyan all are in group 1.I have meet my Penang running friends such as Yap and Mokhtar.The starting time is sharp and we all started at 8.15am.Running up the hill shouldnt be trouble for us as we have trained a lot of hill area.

When reached till the lowest part of Kl Tower,i just run up the stair to make sure i wont lag behind by those top guys.Through out the race its no easy to sustain such long stairs.Anyway i was glad to make it and i looked at my watch where my finishing time was 15.44secs which around 10secs faster than last year time of 15.57secs.In my group 2,i am the 3rd runner to finished the line behind my friend Mokhtar and Tan Song Hua(i always lost to him).

All my other friends also have encouraging time of around 17mins-18mins.So i was confident of making the podium again in IPT Category.At around 10am the results been out and my friend got his way to 9th placing in Men Open,Mokhtar.Being the first timer,he had done really well!Congratz to him!Me???I got 13th which my best position compare to last year 30+I am happy with my results and but abit dissapointed of position as i can be better to break inside top 10.Other guys also done very well,Lim is the 2nd best runner in our team follow by Lee,Khairul Faiz and Chan.

The IPT reults been abit longer than others anyway i am happy enough to saw the results of being crown champion in this group for our Team Kakithon UTM A!Once again thnks to all my teams members,they had done well and trained hard for the event,you all deserve it!Ida also done very well by getting the 9th placing in Women category although her Team B got the 7th placing.Owhhh...i have to stop here right now coz so many to say yet i am in the wrong time to type,the time now is 1.30am already!!!Paham paham la,my Uni WIFI Connection punya speed really slow,no choice you nak speed yang pantas,you kena online around 12am-1am.2nd part will be coming soon....

Coach Yusuf briefing something to us
I and Chan have our slow jog up the slope
Starting of group 1,Kenyan so fast
Group 2,starting,me beside Mokhtar,Chan
Women Category,Ida wearing her Adidas Kain tudung(x tau betul x,ha)
Runner run up the slope
IPT Category results was out....Kakithon A first,B team 7th

Go up stair to take our prizes
Whole team member
Tema A posing with CoachKeadaan semasa balik UTM inside bus


chanjunshen said...

hey Ong, congratz for winning the Towerthon=) this year can't compete with u guys, so we sent our team mates there=) i was in Langkawi doing Ironman.. u like..... said...

Thnks,luckily u dun come,u come sure we will lost de ha!