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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Muzium Race Pics/ Kakithoner of the Month

Yeah! For the moment i would like to make it an award which is Kakithoner of the Month! I personally will sponsor the prizes to the winner and the prizes been secret since i hope that every1 of u will try ur best to become the star in the particular month.So how exactly to be selected to be the winner?By looking at your performance for that month,the results of ur race,how fast you have improve compare to previous month and more......

It wouldnt be unfair as the first Kakithoner of the Month of March been out now! Yeah,she is Ida.Her performance for the past 3 weeks been kinda dream for herself.
First by finishing 9th in women category of Kl Towerthon $ 500 she got,although her team B didnt manage to get inside top 5 for IPT category,but her effort enough to pip a lot of other guys out there!

Second is MASUM in UPM.The national university athletic meets.She had done so well by captured 1 silver and 1 bronze in 1500m and 3000m.If not of the UPM woman that been so strong for her,she will most probably become champion ler!

Third is jus happened last week.First in university category of Muzium Race in Jalan Raja Chulan.$ 500 again.She done well by finishing ahead of the UITM girls more than 1 min.

So what are u guys waiting for???I sincerely hope u all can really done well in ecah race you join.But remember dun put too much pressure on yourself,just keep going on and u will find the right pave of your future!

If any question can just personally meet me or sms me.
You also can call/sms to T.Penasihat/Mr Black at 012-7473468 (his blog : here )if you have any inquiries or question about injury as he is expert in sport science which play the major role in our sports future!

Ida during her prizes giving presentation!
Ida during her finishing,she is so fit for the series weeks!
Ida with 1 of the girl that we met during the race.Train hard,she has very bright future!

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