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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The news of PowerBar MUDS

I was informed by Tuan Penasihat,Black,that my news was published in Utusan Malaysia on 4th October 2008.Then i didn't really immediately go to buy the newspaper and wait until evening 6pm where i had training with lim.He wasn't felt well hence we only have easy ride to hill area around university and easy chit chat among us.Then we go to the Taman Universiti to buy the paper.I had been glad that my news been published can be said felt on the top of the world a while ha!Anyway thanks Black for telling me.I am still a beginner in the multisport events,hence i really need to put extra effort to perform the best out there.Sincerely i hope kakithoners can really capitalize the opportunity out there by training hard and smart.Its not easy to form a group which has so much enthusiasm ans semangat yang cekal.So lets us go together,no body will be left behind,believe in yourself,you can do it.........Kakithon Boleh!Then you as Kakithoner also Boleh!

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