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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hill training and its goodness

I have read through the runnersworld website and get to know that the fact behind the hill running.Hill running infact is a very good work out.People may think that its very tough and really tiring run up the hill .Anyway run up the hill really save us a lot of training time,injury prone chance also lowered,boost our performance,develope good speed and muscle power.Brad Hudson said "even a small amount of hill work could yield big results: a jump in leg strength, running economy--how efficiently your body uses oxygen--and aerobic capacity."

Hit the hill, but make it fast and short, and you get the maximum amount of training effect with the minimum amount of injury risk. "The best way to recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers is to run at max intensity," says Hudson. "The best way to build leg strength is hill running. So we run all-out up a steep hill. But we keep it to 10 seconds to avoid producing lactate and becoming fatigued." Running no more than 10-second repeats also reduces injury risk by limiting your fast-running time. And hills by their nature lessen the risk of injury because the slope shortens the distance you have to "fall" or land, reducing impact. "Studies of sprinting uphill show that the muscles are in constant 'overload' and the nervous system is firing hard," says Hudson. "It's the same speed benefit as track sprints, but safer."

The recommendation is after each set of runing up the hill,take rest time of around 2minutes of recovery.Hopefully that with all the infos that listed above,we can learn something which can help us a lot,especially for those lack of speed power people.Use this advantage to train yourself to a higher level.For more infos click here.

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