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Monday, October 20, 2008

Perhentian Island Challenge 2008

Wow!What an amazing and spectacular Perhentian Island Challenge 2008 for trio of us(Lim,Yong Han and i)Through out the whole race we had been treated nicely,kinda like VIP ha!We reached KL on Thurdays night where we need to assemble in Malaysia Tourism near KLCC there.The organiser and the Terengganu Government had already put 10 new buses in to bring all of us go to the state.We met UPNM guys,Kak Julie,Abang Badrol,Lydia and so on.The Marshal of our Bus 10 are Michelle and Lee An.Both of them have done great job to make sure our trip went smooth.We all reached Terengganu state at around 8am and we all been served by the state government their special Terengganu food kind like Nasi lemak but
the nasi just not the lemak one,is abit oilly and smell really nice.Then we all been gone to the state Muzium and the newly built Taman Tamadun Islam which has their well known Crytal Mosque in there.Afer that is the time we all travel to Kuala Besut,which is the place we use the boat to the Island.Againt we are treated the lunch at there.Then around 2pm the boat came
and we need to pay RM5 to reach the island.The boat speed so fast that all of us kind like riding a horse,ha!At about 5pm we reach thePulau Perhentian Besar Island where we used around 30mins to reach there.Almost all the camp tent been set up.And we been provided the camp No.106 which well beside Chan,my upnm friend.They are joining the elite category while 3 of us only joined the novice de.Then we having our free and easy activities there where most of them choose to swim,and some gotong royong around the beach there.The seawater there is so clear!That we can really see through it and the fishes in it.Then we meet new friends there.The star that coming to join this races are Eugene Chan,Heidelee,Razani and Mariana.That friday we trio didnt go in water as we want to stay in better shape for the next day race.Ya 1 more thing is i saw the Gamat which is sea cucumber!Its just so nice to touch it!I like it so much.The next day morning/saturday is the race day.Novice will be started off first.I thought that most of our running route consist of beach side but my expectation turn out wrong!We been mostly running over the forest trail.Then we also need to come across the seawater obstacle where i need to pass through the ring circle the provided.Then i had not been lucky and my condition not good enough where at first i had been behind the 3 leader in the race who are the men novice top3 placing guys,1 of them is the Ganian Richard.Anyway when reached the first beach area i been behind them quite a far distance.To make the matter worst i lost my way after finish the water obstacle where i need to wait and turn back to the slower pack at behind,at there i miss more than 5 mins.Then i run back my usual routine and pace where its been too late for me to chase the front 3 guys.In fact i also having cramp a bit in the right leg,where i have to stop more than 1min to rest on the bush area there and been passed by 1 guy.Then i tried to recover my muscle pull and slowly run back anyway i just dont use my normal pace which can be dangerous to have second pull!At that time i also been passed by 2 guys.Then i tried my best to finish the line,i knew that my chance of getting top 4 is gone.Anyway i was lucky to stay in top 10.1 more thing is that almost all of us had scratch around our hand or leg coz we pass through the bush area,and i even fall down wounded my right hand,anyway just ried our best to finish the race.Both Lim and Yong Han also doing the great done to finish whithin top 10.In fact Lim suffered his worst injury where his old injury habit(ankle sprain) at his left leg came back!This mean he need to run with full of pain through out the whole race!Anyway he still manage to finish the race in good position.Yong Han finished the race just front of the women category champion,she was superb through out the race.My place is 8th,follow by Yong Han and Lim.At that night we having our dinner and Barbbeque and prizes giving ceremony we even been treated firework !Dino and Razani got the first in elite men,Upnm's Chan and Amirul got 4th!Congratz to them!Kak Julie and Abang Badrol got 3rd in Mixed team whle Marian and Jusery got 1st.Those got the top 3 placing will be treated good cash prize and sponsored prizes such as cleman,Deuter,and Suunto watch.What about 3 of us?We only got Rm200,Rm150 and medal.The cash prize given till top 15 and medal till 20th.Then we had our boat ride back to perhentian besar.The day evening we having our 'snorkelling' and saw some nice fishes just well around the seaside water!The last day mornig/sunday we packed all our thing and the tent.By the way,3 of us really need to catch back our bus at 10.30pm in Pudu,but unfortunatly me missed it!We reached Kl there around 11.45pm.Lim had no choice,he need to make sure all the thing of his thesis presentation goes smooth!If not?No grad for him!He is been sacrifice so much for this race,i felt really proud having him in our team.Then we all reach UTM at 3am.....whole body pain....sleepppppp....Monday morning is also test for me....

A warm welcome by the Terengganu state government
Our Bus 10,every bus have different views
In KT there,everone have their own post,Abang Badrol,Kak Julie,Han,me,and Kak Julie's friend

Walking to Crystal Mosque
Front of Masjid Kristal
Lim show us the map in the Taman Tamadun Islam
Terengganu Muzium,said to be the biggest in Malaysia!
The view of Crystal Mosque we want to go to Kuala Besut many bus there..We really felt that become VVIP ..Ha!
Yeah!Its VVIP also got Policemen rode along our bus..ha!
Inside our Bus,Lim and Han sit together.
A view of qspeed boat the seaside/Jetty of Kuala Besut
Our boat's member
The view of Pulau Perhentian Kecil and Besar at the left and right
Reached our camp side,Pulau Perhentian Besar,not really well developed
In our camp side with Amirul,and Chan.
The banner of Redbull just front of our island,this is the place Elite members need to swim untill there and come back,not really far around 100m
Uncle Chan gave out the speech of the route that we will cross that the race day.He is Eugene Chan Father if i not mistaken
Waiting for our dinner and prize giving presentation.2 uncle that we met from Perak,another from KL,and Ms Shelly frm KL.Very nice they are..
A pic at the finishing line with our Bus 10 Marshall,Michelle.
Barbecue time....there can see Kak Julie and Dino.
The Mens Novice results,i trail behind Richard so far away...In fact i wasnt really satisfied with my performance,but no choice...first time being in a race happened cramp on me.. :-(
The firework that presented to us and the Kampung fork.
The Medal and cash prizes..
Uncle Cani,Ms Shelly,Han,Lim and I showing the medal..
With Lydia from UM,she and her partner won the 8th in Mixed Team
A view of our Camp side.
All /not all half of the participant take group photo.
A shot of Perhentian Kecil.the place of start and finish,prizes presentation and firework
Lim again say that he felt nice dont wear shirt..ha!
This is the shot of Perhentian Kecil.
The view of Perhentian Besar.
The view of the Kuala Terengganu beach side where i shot inside the bus

P/S .Thanks to my friends out there,this is a good event that we should join


Steve said...

That sounds like a very fun race and a beautiful location. You have some great photos from your trip - Steve

missjewelz said...

nice write and luvly shots ! congratulations to you Ong and ur 2 friends who made it to the finish line for your first PIC ! Will be updating my blog soon !

Lydia said...

Hey!! nice write up!! I'm honoured to be mentioned in your blog! cya around!! u like..... said...

OK.thnks.congratz to both Kak Julie and Lydia too.No la,my written lousy de...ur all more pro than me..way to catch up..ha!