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Saturday, October 29, 2011


here are the history of our participant in muds
3rd series-UM

2nd series-UPM

1st series-UPNM

3rd series-UPM

2nd series- UM

1st series-UPNM

3rd series-UM

2nd series- Uniten

1st series-UPNM

(table above is for men's university and below is for women's university category)
3rd series-UPNM

2nd series-UM

1st series-UKM

A we all noticed, we are seriously lacking of pool of athlete in this run-bike-run sports
Ong has been carrying Kakithon UTM torch for 4 years ,
Hope more juniors will step up and carry on our participation in this annual event.
We also hope our Unit Sukan will show more support in the future as this event received huge media propagation such as The Star & NST
It will be good platform to raise Kakithon UTM name, hehe
Hope we will be much more stronger and well prepared next year, hehe
Let this year series be a great lesson for all of us.

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