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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Larian Amal Kebangsaan Muar

Zaheen and Li Ting during the prize giving ceremony.(photos from penonton)

5 kakithon members joined the race with Li Ting, Zaheen, Ah Long n Tareef in the 11km category (the actual distance is around 12km+-) while myself joined the 21km run.

Li Ting and Zaheen both went back their hometown earlier while three of us took bus to Muar which famous for their tasty mee bandung according to ah long, hehe (we tried it for our dinner and it was quite okok la)

We straight went to dataran tanjung emas to collect all our bibs and again Tareef was the center of attention, just that this time it was not small primary school girls but the organisers who can’t resist the temptation to take picture with him, hehe

3 of us were very lucky as we found a reasonable price hotel which cost us RM50 for a room with comfortable beds. The night before we rest early around 10am (hehe, nothing else to do)

Before the race started at 6.30am, it was pouring with rain but the organiser continues to gun off the 21km race after delayed for around 10minutes.

It was a flat course but the road was very wet due to heavy rain (luckily my NB racer dried up quite fast, hehe)

Finished the race in 1 hour 28 min+-, (which is my PB for half marathon,hehe), Zaheen also did very well by finishing 5th, while Li Ting and Tareef finished together with the timing of 59mi+-(Li Ting was first in her category, hehe, congrat), Ah Long completed the race just before the cut off time despite battling with flu (bravo, bro, hehe)

After the race, Zaheen’s mum treats us all with some hearty breakfast ( terima kasih Mak Cik ,hehe). During the journey back, there were no more bus ticket to JB, so we took a bus to Batu Pahat and then changed another bus JB (very lucky as it was quite a smooth journey). My friend, Vincent aka Eat God, hehe pick us from Sri Puteri and back to UTM (thanks a lot, bro).

Hope next week will be fruitful week for Kakithon team in MUDS and Zon Run.

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