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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back2kcaB racing and the subway incident

Remember the last MUDS post? Imma be starting off this post with another short excerpt from kakithon history 101:

MUDS-year 2010

1. UPNM leg: Chan 1st
Ong 2nd
2. UM leg: Ong 1st
Chan 2nd

After our victory last week, MUDS 2's played out in a somewhat similar style to last year's with Ong and Chan reaching something of a draw in the battle for duathlete of the year, but I'm getting ahead of myself.....

....... this years MUDS 2 was held at UPM instead of the last year's UM. Despite new MASUM champ Amirul (UM) setting the pace, the run hit off at a moderate pace. Felt pretty optimistic when I got on the bike around 60 meters behind Ong, started following with 2 UPNM guys. Few secs later, a whole bunch of UPNM guys caught up, and somehow after a few turns I found myself time-trialing alone eating dust.
So I ended up, struggling up the final hill before the 2nd transition feeling....... so.... totally.... SHAGGED! Tried to catch up with them on the run course and saw Ong and Amirul(UPNM) trailing Chan by around 100-200 meters during the U-turn. Finished out of the top 5 with Wong, while Ong fininshed 2nd with Amirul(UPNM) slightly behind. So... another climatic build up to the final MUDS! With Ong at a slight point advantage over Chan.
Run 1

Day2: woke up at an ungodly hour to avoid road closure at 4:00 a.m. Had a hearty breakfast of rotiboy, and set off in Nathan's Pajero with Ting, Tareef, Ong, E-ling and Wong. This time I was going as a ghost-runner since I didn't sign up for KOTR (BTW ghost-runner sounds waaaay cooler than Idiot-who-forgot-to-sign-up). Decided to follow Mr. Moey (7th eventually), and finished the race uneventfully besides causing some problems for Mr.Moey with the race officials.(Gomenasai...) Ong finished 1st in 10k Malaysian category! Wong was 8th. Ting 12th. Nathan and Tareef both finished with respectable timing.

Nathan (Wong in the background)


A totally unrelated to racing yet kindly reminder: If you order at subway's using a buy 1 free 1 coupon and add another foot-long sandwich which is the special of the day flavor in a single receipt.......(if your brain starts hurting after reading this long line of nonsense, it's a good idea to stop reading and jump back to the pictures now) .....the foot-long will neither be considered as a footlong (rm18+) nor as a special of the day (rm7.50x2)... instead it will be charged as 2 6-inch sandwiches at a normal (rm10.90x2) price! Hahaha... certain members of kakithon caused a bit of a scene arguing with the cashier....


ting said...

hahahha!!! si ah chau!! u put so many funny picture..see ong run with close eye also can win champion,he din teach us this secret technique..n...y u put i sapu makanan punya photo!!hahahha!!! u like..... said...

haha... i like pics when ppl don't look at the camera..

ting said...

no wonder u so like ur own photo lar..coz 'ur eye' make u dun look the camera all the time..jkjk,hehe