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Saturday, April 2, 2011

UTM Night Run

Date: 1st April 2011

The organiser changed the distance to 4 X 2.3km loop instead of 6 loop for siswa and 3 instead of 4 for siswi at the very last minute.

Somehow it is still quite a long race.

All kakithoners joined the run except for chan and hsiung.

This time, there was free t-shirt for everyone and the best part was the free registeration .

Somehow, the race started quite late and the registeration for runners was quite chaotic, else this was a great event.

Is was a wonderful outcome as zaheen and li ting manage to win their respective category with impressive timing. congrat to them ,hehe

ha, for me this time, I started out slow but slowly built up my pace just like what i usually do.

finished the 9.2km race in 35.25 min. Still got a lot need to improve.

there is a new international student who pace with me all the way until the third lap, which make me quite anxious as i never saw this guy before, hope he can join us too

Kar Sing arrived in style few minutes after the international student arrived.

the highlight of the night is not the result of the run, it is the surprise party for our respectful captain ong wei xiang.

Kar Sing took all the hassle to ask the organiser to make an special arrangement to present a birthday cake to ong when he went up the podium, he also bersusah payah to buy a special cake and ask Jenni to bring it over, haha. thanks alot bro, we trully appreciate your effort

luckily the organiser was kind enough to help, they also play the birthday song, perfect la,hehe

this event bring back the unity spirit of kakithon, everyone was happy and this was the 1st time ong smiled a lot.

applaud should also be given to chau, even though he was limping, he still make it join the surprise party and we certainly pray and hope that he will recover from his injury soon.

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