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Saturday, March 26, 2011

UTM Time Trial

A very disappointing event because only 5 people turned up for the masum selection trial out.
If the condition continue, there might be less support for us from Unit Sukan in the future.
We hope that all of you will remember our own responsible to university, to our team and also most importantly to ourselves.
It is very easy to keep an eye shut for certain things, and just pretend that it is not important.
Yes, it might not be important to ourselves for present moment, but the next generation will have to struggle in order regain the trust and support from Unit Sukan.
Hope we can always stay united even though there is no more team event in Towerthon.
Gan, Ong and Ah lo have clocked good timing and also promising room for more improvement.
Ha, for myself, i already try my best but just can finished 5k in 20 minutes, far from the required standard set by Unit Sukan.
Looking at the current condition, it seem like I were getting further from my target in masum.
Despite all my training and preparation, i am not on the right track to reach my goal.
Maybe my effort so far was not good enough, maybe 'try my best' is still not enough, i think i should reflect myself and find a way to break this 'barrier'
*pls, take note that we still have around 3-4 more stadium larkin training sessions before we end this semester. take the chance to do some pace training/running on track. it is really beneficial

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