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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


the race already passed sometimes, but this few weeks are extremely packed with exams and final project, hehe
until now my final project almost 7788 already, so can bring my road bike home, have a rest, and train for towerthon
the day before the race, it rained the whole night,
this cause delay for the race as the organizer want to make sure that the route is safe for all participant
there is a lot killer steep hill, so plenty of down hill and up hill,
after i tumbled several times, i started to push my bike downhill, luckily Black was there to offer some useful tips to push the bike.
never did i realize that utm itself got such a great trail route,
just around 40 minutes into the race, i already started to push my bike uphill
all the elite cyclists tackle the hill with ease.
there were 5 check points, and we need to collect all the stickers, the total distance is around 30k
a very thrilling experience but also quite dangerous if one do not have proper handling skills and a decent bike.
ong finished just slightly out of top ten around 2 hours, kar sing and chow followed closely behind.
i took 3 hours to finish the race.
thanks a lot yo teck meng and siang teck for taking wonderful pictures and wait for us to come back especially me, haha
overall this is very great event, the route is terrific, the signage are helpful and easy to see, plenty of water and the best part the lucky draw.
gan and ong managed to get some great prize from the lucky draw. anyone who wanted to buy mountain bike rim can contact gan,hehe
just glad can finish the race in one piece, hehe

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