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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bareno Run 2011

One of the favourable run of the year
A huge turnout for this run, even though the registration fee is quite expensive and it is not held at strategically places, such as Dataran Merdeka . A lot can be learn from the organiser as they successfully attract the public to join the race. From starting of the race, there are a lot marshals along the route guiding and distributing the “pengikat rambut” to the runners. There a plenty of water stations and the best part, energy gel was provided for Half Marathon runners. After the race, there are abundance things to eat, cendol, tau fu fa, rean bean soup was offered to exhausted runners in great number.
Gan did very well in 10km races, placing 7th. Congrat to him. He has been very disciplined in training and always look for related information to update himself in running and cycling. Hope more kakithoner can have that kind of spirit.
I finished the race in 1 hour 46 min. Placing 70th. Not really a good run, a very significant indicator that shows how much i need to work harder and reflect on my training.
This year no more team event for towerthon, but we will still continue our training like usual, the spirit should continue. Hope, there will be a miracle.
Next week 25-27 march is the masum selection period.
Make sure everyone attend all the training session.
Time trial will be held at stadium larkin, 26 march.
Masum is on 21-23 june.
prepare well and hope for the best.
Pls come to find me to get your spike (1st come, 1st serve), size are limited.
Those who wish to join night run on 1st April, can pass the form to me by this week or you can directly register at unit sukan.
Pls be more proactive and alert with all the updates. Do let me know is there is any enquiry.
All the best for all the upcoming events.

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