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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Updated Training Plan

After discussing with Coach Yusof, there will be slight change for our training schedule
please check your academic schedule, if there is any suggestion or idea, do let us know
weekday training will start at 5.30pm

Monday - long run start at Gym KTF/ KTHO bus stop + staircase training
Wednesday- fartlek at padang hoki, night- cycling at Impian Emas
Thursday-Circuit training at Padang Hoki
Friday- Easy run (bustop KTHO)
Saturday-Morning Stadium Larkin training, 8.30am, FAB bustop
Sunday-Long and easy cycling, KTHO Bustop, 8.00am + competition

we will slot in another training section for staircase, maybe on Friday or Sunday
pls plan your academic schedule earlier and wisely, so that it will not crash with our training program.


lim chee hiong said...

sory i just wan to add something to our training program...plyometric is very important for a runner. long distance runner need power to more sustain the running phase. hopefully coach will plan the plyometric training on the schedule..thank you... u like..... said...

thanks bro! I must ask coach about that..