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Sunday, January 23, 2011

FTAAA Cross Country And Larian Gemilang,UM

We depart on 3pm from UTM Skudai, and reach UTMKL around 8pm and stay at K2.
We are very fortunate because we manage to gain financial support from our university.
Quite hilly run but under distance.
Gan, Ong Zaheen and myself manage to get no 9,10,11 ( got hamper le ) and 23.
Even though Ah Hsiung and Ah Long run very hard, but still unable to fight for a medal (takpe2, next sure can get one)
Li Ting got no 6 (very sayang, hehe) and Loh no 20 (good job for 1st timer)
Kar Sing did a fantastic and a very respectful act to pace with Li Ting ( very kind hearted le)

The next day, we went 4 KL cross country at padang merbok.
Variety of routes, (normal pavement+jungle trail+staircase+grass)
Very interesting, but also very confusing, a lot runners got lost and need to stop to look 4 direction.
Hope they can improve it next year.
The sad story here is Zaheen.
He was way in front but got lost around Masjid Negara and didn't finish the race as the top contender.
Somehow, the brighter side is that regain back confident as a speedy runner.
Ong and Gan finished at no 7 and 8 while myself, Kar Sing and Ah Hsiung can only be contended with a finisher medal.
Li Ting is the big winner, 3 placing and she got a new pair of shoe (congratx2)
Loh also did great by finished at 9th.
We got 4 runners from UTMKL who join us for this run, a job well done for all of them since they are still very new in this field, hehe (Ah Long had done well scouting for new runners in kl.)
If you all still wish that we can continue to be sponsored 4 our next outing, then plsxx1000
give your 1000% commitment, pls inform earlier if any of you cant make it 4 training or other program (sendiri pandai-pandai la)

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