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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Transition Clinic

Kakithon UTM in collaboration with JTri Club will be organize Transition Clinic for us learn all the vital techniques for the multisports event (duathlon/triathlon)

Time : Sunday 7th Nov 2010.
Venue : Pusat Kesihatan, at the car park besides Tasik Desa Bakti (transition area for UTM Duathlon last year)
What to bring : Just bring your full attire & equipment for
duathlon race (helmets, running shoe, cycling shoe, sunglasses, water
bottle, anything that is needed for a duathlon / triathlon race)
Conductor : The clinic will be conduct by Ungku Azhar (for free)

Hope all kakithoners will grab this wonderful and hard-to-find opportunity
Pls spread the news and inform anyone who is interested

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