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Monday, November 1, 2010

Klang Run It 4

the race that i have joining 4 the past two years
1st time, i was glad that i can finished the run, and met with Uncle and Aunty Moey
2nd, i tumpang Uncle Moey's car with li ting.
got no 16, trophy until no 15, very sayang
3rd, this time got improve abit, no 11, 49minutes, chow came shortly after that, no 12.
ah long also doing great by finishing his longest run ever, congrat, hehe.
hope he will continue to train harder after go back to kelantan.
prize until no 10, again, very sayang, aiyah, still got a long way to go
need more practise, but i am very grateful because still able to run after the long sickness.
thanks alot to chow 4 letting us to stay a night and to his father 4 sending to klang.
sometimes, if without the help our friends, it will be very difficult 4 us to go 4 outside competition.
Uncle and Aunty Moey, have been such a great help for us when we compete in KL,
all the free ride, bibs collection, makan, stay overnight in their house, transporting our bike to UPM, and alot more, really lessen the hassle for us as we travel all the way from Johor for competition.
we truly thank all our friends who helped us to keep on running, hehe
hope we can have the chance to repay all the kindness,
the least that we can do now is to run as fast as we can, hehe

back to the run,
it is a well organized run, with friendly staffs, appropriate directional and distance markers,
there were plenty of food and drinks, the route is quite flat, ideal for fast pace running.
the distance markers, really helped us to gauge our energy distribution for the remaining distance.

in the last 2.5km, cant even see any runner in front, very sad, the front pack was tooooooo far in front, hope there will be a day, that can run side by side with all those seasoned runners and feel what is like to run at 3.30 minutes per km pace.
will work harder 4 next run.
hope all kakithoners will endure the final exam period with enough preparation and score 100%, hehe

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