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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Powerman 2010

This year Powerman was one of the best weather as compare to previous year.Kakithoners who joined the race as usual,Mr Black,Mr Faraied,Jiha and extra 1 powerman finisher,Chan.I'm taking sprint category.Being first time arrived Manjung,both Chan and me weren't really know much about this town,luckily the hostel we stay near the starting point.

During the racepack collection,we already can sense so many "pro bike" out there,ha!Quite alot of booth during the collection,one of it is set up by our former famous triathlete,Mr Razani.Having small chat with Ms Melody who had doing so much of ensuring the race organized smooth,but not from what she said of "smooth",ha!Anyway she's been doing really great after all.

Raceday early morning was raining,anyway it stop when it's going to start.The full distance category guys been prepared,finishing in a great time is what they really hope for.As in my category i saw Mark William who is a very fast runner.I was finished in a disappointed out of my target top5.Anyway cheers to kakithoner trio(Chan,Faraied and Black)finished below 4hours mark!Jiha as usual within her 5hours mark.Congratz to all of them!

Overall the race is well organized,see you in next year edition.Seem like now already in off season,yet all of you need to maintain the condition so as to prepare for up coming races.

Chan as usual "fighting" with the elite member!
Mr Faraied during his finishing
Faraied,Syah,and Black with their unique powerman medal
From Malaysia,these 3 Powerman
Well served buffet lunch
"bagus or sedap?"from jiha
Chan say"tak apalah,yg penting dpt makan"

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