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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to become an good athlete

Staying at peak here has let me think about what exactly that i had done be4 this,it let me has a peace mind to decide what/where exactly i should be.Well i decide to write something else regarding the topic above through out my own experience in this world of running.It may be not as accurate as u see in some running article or website coz its all base on my own experience.

Be4 this i had gone through public speaking(inside my english class)with this topic,and i hope that with what i have mention here will do some favour 4 u to be excel in ur sports life.Theres few attitude that a must to be instill inside oneself.The points that i mention here have no specific according,coz all of them seem to be equally important.

1)Discipline:This is 1 of the most important aspect that i practise all the time ever since i started training with Kakithon team members.Without this element u will go nowhere!Nevertheless u may be the best inside the team yet u r indiscipline will only cause meaningless in what so ever the prizes that u had won!This element will be top aspect whenever in a team event competition,we will never tolerate those that never practise it.

2)Smart:Well this aspect may seem abit of confusing for some,but not for those elite members.Being a responsible athlete,u really have to be smart all the time either in ur training or racing.As this will save u out alot of trouble.For eg:if u'r smart enough,u will hardly sustain any injury during ur training thus maintain ur perfect condition for upcoming race!

3)Responsible:This element may be well associate with discipline,but here what i want to mention is ur responsibility to team,such as if u not coming for the training what suppose u do?well,i dun have to mention u also should know about it,since u r not child anymore.A typical guy/gal will inform any1 of us regarding his/her absent and this show how he/she can handle such condition.A short sms will be more than enough!

4)Hardworking:I think in this element,i may be lag behind abit,since i consider myself a lazy guy,ha!Anyway,every1 should know that theres no short cut to become an overnight champion,"Rome was not built in a day"is a familiar idiom that u all should know about it.I thought i had told u guys about hw good that my former Penang teamate that trained himself to become our national junior champion before this.

5)Good listener/appreciative:This also 1 of aspect u have to practise all the time,if theres a coach who come in to train/teach us,we suppose listen to him,altough u may have ur own opinion or some conflict regarding training technique.After all if he had give u tips that help u to win certain races,then u should really appreciate of how he shape u today,even though u didnt win any,u may need to thanks him as well!In fact a simple word of "Thanks you" will mean alot to him.1 more thing that he can sense ur appreciative is through ur reaction,what u had done may well inside his eyesight that show how u respect to him or not.

Well,heres what i can think about by now since i'm thinking all these in "impromptu" condition,i hope u can learn or get what i have mentioned.Older days of Kakithoner being trained together,simple yet meaningful!courtesy frm Kak Jiha.

p/s:points n views as mentioned above is purely through out my own personal experience that have no connect with any other outsider or party.Thanks & regards


ting said...

haha..agree agree.. *thumb up*
u all so good can chose title for impromptu geh? our impromptu title is given on the spot 1..

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