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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The foods that you should eat

Well...Its been quite long that i didnt update any new post since i go into my Industrial training in Genting,other kakithoner some of them also attending their LI,so a "happy LI" for them.

Staying in Genting here for 2 n half months will be a real challenge for me to see whether i can really adapt into the weather in it.For the 1st week,i just go in the Gym everyday coz of the treadmil inside it since i cant find any where,i mean outside condition to run.Anyway things been slowly change from nows on.

Last few days i happened to read an article from NST.So i think the topic above will be 1 of the interesting infos for all of us.

Theres several items that i will list down so that you guys/gals can gain some good infos about it.
1)Baked bean
Erm seem like this item never cross into my mind that good enough for our health.According the article this item provide us soluble fibre,can help reduce blood sugar level n cholesterol.Its also protein sources.You can buy frm can baked bean as well.

2)Green tea
It rich in polyphenol,antioxidant,help regulate immune system also fight again tooth decay.Do try to take it!

3)Oily fish
Such as Sardin,mackerel,salmon are rich in Omega3 oils which make blood less likely to chump together that may cause clot.

Chew on some after meal that rich in chlorophyl help keep breath fresh,good in vitamin c and antioxidant as well.

This astonishing item has 150 nutrients into it!Antioxidant,kill off viruses such as herpes that cause cold sores,quercetin sit just under its skin,so never peel the apple be4 eating.

it help cut the calories intake,lower blood sugar,a supernutrient known to lower"bad" arteryclogging cholesterol.

it packed with red pigment lycopene,study show eat it>10times a week have 30% to reduce of developing prostate cancer.

bake potato give fast-release energy,a great post -workout,muscle refuelling food.It help keep blood sugar lvl n appetite under control between normal meal.

Eat this along with muesli or porridge that full with soluble fibre called beta glucan that can lower bad cholesterol,give silica and good for skin as well.

As i had post before this is one of the best food i would love to take.It contain lechitin that turned into choline once eaten,a vita component of transmitter in our brain involved in memory.Brain boosting food(poached or boiled,not fried)it will help eat 400 colories less during rest of the day.

blend it with milk,yoghurt that make antioxidant rich,free radical drink that help keep to resist bowel cancer.

12)Dark chocolate
>70% cocoa solids which rich in antioxidant, can help stop blood cells chumping together.

put on homemade pizza or eaten as bar snack,good 4 monosaturated fats phenolic and vitamin E important for artery health and long life.

One of my favourite food that can help to feel full and cut back on artery-clogging fats.

Some may not get used to it,but it actually help to raise our metabolism,the hotter u can stand ,the more effect.15% increase in calories burnt for about 2hours

16)Wholemeal pasta
Ultimate filling-easy to cook,lover glycaemic index than plan n release energy slowly.Good 4 sportmen who need muscle packed with energy.

great source of curcumin believe to have anti -inflammatory effect n may help to fight bowel cancer.For indian takeaways,choose healthy dishes such as tandoori chicken,which provide turmeric but dont have load of fat!


Shaun Yap said...

Thanks for sharing this good piece of info. How about coffee? I guess not but i'm addicted to it :) u like..... said...

>Shaun:Coffee is also 1 of the nutritious item that can help to become pain killer,in fact its better thn tea,anyway some may b allergic to it,so take d food that u comfortable with!