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Sunday, May 30, 2010

adidas sundown marathon 2010

Adidas sundown marathon 2010,kakithon UTM once again in Spore in another shoot of glory.....
Initially,theres some problem that we faced which make me like an ant in a hot wok.Anyway thanks god that all this circumstances been solved until my cross finishing line in sundown there still not yet finish!

I have to rush back to my Grandma Hometown in Kedah just after finish the race,i never wonder that it will be so smooth that theres a SMRT Bus that just arrive n pcik me,Chan,n Lim kor to our Car park 5!Really unexpected n it did help us alot!Luckily i arrive at Changi airport in time.

From our member participation,then event bib taking,then my flight schedule,all these been 1 by 1 getting pass by...u can see that vest above was been taken non 4 of us! But its Lim Kor's fren in Spore!Really realy thanks him alot!Without him,kakithon will not be in Podium again...or even go to Spore!

Thanks Hsiung for helping so much carrying our bag,its been a good experience for our these 2 new comer,Hsiung n Liting,hopefully they learn n enjoy all these that happen in Spore!As for Lim Kor n Chan,u guys been doing really great,i cant ask more from u both ler..haha!

Well,5 of us in Lim Kor car,a shoot before race,Hsiung seem like once again didnt wear his pant ler,ha!Anyway this time the vest damp nice..betul punya..x bohong as compare to that lousy enegizer punya vest ha!Newbie patching their D tag..ha!Old guy(Me n Lim Kor )just checking nia lo...

Finally,i sincerely dedicate our triumph in 2010 Sundown to all our Kakithon Members,the fact is that our kakithon spirit must always be strengthen no matter how hard the situation,just never ever give up,what we sacrfice be4 will be paid back not today,not tomorrow but will be very soon!Guys/gals after u all noe whats events that most important to us,come on....lets us strive to be at peak again!

1 comment:

Fabio said...

U guys are the Champion, congrats. ^.^