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Friday, February 5, 2010

KL Master Relay

1stly, thanks alot to Unit Sukan and fellow from KTHO for sponsoring us and taking care the transportation for us to be able run this race.

we start our journey around midnight from Skudai and took a stop at the RR (near Bukit Jalil) to prepare ourselves for the race.

it was a great experience for us to compete without proper rest and sleep, but like what our captain said, we must learn to adapt to any condition and blaming on the external factor will not do us any good anyway.

the starting of the race is quite kelam kabut, as the FTAA personnel were shouting to the top of their voice to direct the runners. it is really a great outing and eye opening to see alot of great runners out there, promising young stars and also our worthy counterparts for end of this month MASUM.

now we can gauge our standard and try to make up for our weak point for the big race.
six of us join the race, the 1st team is ong, ting and me and the 2nd team is of zaheen, ida, and ah wei.

our team manage to secure the no 4 and 5 spot, but we are out of the podium finishing.
for most of us, it is quite a disappointing outing as we didnt achieve our target. for myself, there is still a long way for me to develop my self as there is still a big gap between myself and those fast runner.certainly must put in more effort to make up for this race.

hope tomorrow run at putrajaya will help us to make up for the disappointment.

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any photos to share