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Sunday, February 7, 2010

UTM Nite Endurance Run

Waiting for their turn in KL Master Relay

Having fun before the Relay
Nite Enudrance family pic...
Ting waiting for her turn..
Chan and wong together be the 3rd runner of the team

As usual the Night Endurance been held at friday night.This time,they let the women category start first.This time Black and Jiha didnt coming,anyway all the kakithoners join the event. The event which require all participant to finish the 1km+ loop in 1 hour draw better crowd this time.
Zaheen still very fast to be catch up and he once again finish the fastest 1,follow by ong,wong,chan and Gan.Lim get his 2nd first in 26years above category,while Ting and Jiha 1st and 2nd in women category.

3rd leg of endurance run will be held during masum time,so almost all of us wont be joining the event.Anyway hope the organiser will get to improve the event,especially in the timing calculation that they still lack experience in it!

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