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Thursday, September 3, 2009

UTM Duathlon Challenge 2009

Hi to all kakithoner,as in 10th of Oct we will have our very own Duathlon Challenge in UTM here.So those who had joined before are to be the race technical marshal apart from it,we will also have our clinic/race breifing 1 day before the day.

So i hope that you all can really cooperate with each other to make sure everything go smooth!Apart from this i would like to distribute some work for you all to do.Thats the clinic presentation,it also will be included inside as our sports training information book.

So theres some topic that i would like to mention out as then you guy just choose which topic that you interest in then you have to go search for the information about it,for example you can go internet then copy and paste some of the useful tips been find out by you.I will list out few topic that you guys can get the infos:
2)Running technique
3)Running Apparel(shoes,clothes,pant and ext)
4)5k running/10k running training
5)half marathon/full marathon training
6)Injury prevention
7)Track running
8)Trial running

this is just roughly listed by me if any of you guys/gals interest in other topic that i havent mention just go for it as long we get the infos and tips which we all can combine then can produce a multiinfos book for us in anytime we can just refer!

P/S:you guys just either mention in our chat box what section you wan or directly tell me,remember try to finish it before our due date or closing date of Duathlon challenge of 9th oct!

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