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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Latest update

As you all can see that theres no much thing that happen in our uni now so far frm the start of new semester till now only 1 race which is Engineering Run in last week.The latest development is the preparation of MASUM(Malayisa University sports meet) athletic meet in UPM this March.5 of us(me,kecik,Chan, Lee,and Ida) will join the centralised training in UTM here.Hopefully with the full preparation and some tips given by coach will really help you all as to grab some medals back in the meet.In fact the standard of the MASUM is almost the standard like us,only the different is matter of training workout!Hence i really that you all can get improve in this short period!I knew that its no easy task,but with our preparation before this its possible!Events that we will join is 800m,1500m,3000m steeplechase,5000m,and 10000m.All this events been represented by our Kakithoners.
Latest news that i got from Pm1 is the UPM Charity Run in early March.I dont think its worth for us to travel such far and get the placing there coz even the men uni champ only offer us Rm150.Anyway can check it out through the following website: Here

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