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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kl Towerthon 2009 is BACK

1st of March is 2009 Kl guys/gals what ur mission again???Theres still IPT category but the prizes money have been reduced.Anyway this time we wont sending a lot of ppl going there,but we will make sure the placing still with us.Unit Sukan has said they very happy to sponsor us to go conquer the tower again.So for thos who interest why not take this good opportunity to challenge urself and see how much u can do.I believe those who had joined last year have really give thumb up for the event.I myself want to make sure this year will be more fruitful than last year.For more info click HERE.

We are having our training everyday at the Bustop nea Tasik UTM ,or with MASUM team Near Padang Hoki which also close to Tasik UTM also.For those who interest to join our team please come and have fun with us.

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