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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Light briefing of holidays training

So during the holidays i can see that all of you doesn't really train well!I know is quite unavoidable as there is no one guide you or run along with you,anyway i still hope that all of the Kakithoners dont give up easily!Now i can give one of the example where you all can try to follow as my training can be considered one of the easiest in the world right now,ha!My daily routine of training almost the same.That is i run for 3 laps where each lap is around 700m and my speed is average to little bit fast,then i go for the speed running of which around 4 times of 150m,then i go for stretching where i  will do the the big/wide leg movement then go for the pumpin,and 1 more i would go for the Katak Jumping(frog jumping),this one will really strengthen you thigh!As i said you must really take care of your diet.I will most probably join the MUDS,anyway i must see whether i can get the bike or not.So the oil price has hike,i suggest that all of us think of saving and plan for your finance properly only then we can live better.Thnks

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