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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MASUM 2012

Hey hey hey! How have you been fellas? Been on a long hiatus from blogging since the end of last sem, so i'm gonna start the 1st post of this sem with the meet that we've been training so long for.... MASUM track & field 2012. 
Back it up exactly 2 weeks prior to today, it's 3 days into the start of the semester and our usual training group has quadrupled! This is due utm being the host for masum and hence wanting to have at least a 60% participation rate, so voila! Introducing the football and rugby imports and last minute-ers. Hence, this was the largest masum contingent to date, with throwers, sprinters, jumpers, male and female, and our team is temporarily not a smurf simile (99 sons and 1 daughter).

Training during the last two weeks was tapered with some intervals. Despite the influx of new people, our medal prospects were pretty bleak as Zaheen and Ting were thinking of giving masum a miss due to a long break from training and certain injuries.  Wong, Tareef and Fitkry had been consistently training at home so they were relatively in better shape. Kar Sing had the bad luck of having to work on the very day of masum.

Day 1
Arrived for 10,000m meters (10 a.m), weather was overcast which was great as it could get scorching hot as early as 9a.m. Led for the first lap to avoid congestion and tailed Amirul (UM) after that. Kicked at 2 laps remaining but still got trashed at the home straight. Suhaimie (UPNM) and UPSI were 3rd and 4th respectively. Wong ran negative splits to a 5th placing bronze and Kar Sing managed to race the 10k before rushing straight to work.

Lim and Pisang qualified for the 100m finals, but Pisang couldn't run the finals due to his previous injuries. Despite barely qualifying, Lim muscled it out against 3 national sprinters in the finals to snag a bronze. Zaheen ran the 800m despite his earlier reluctance, but was off-form.

Day 2
Cheered for Vel and Kumari in the 400m. However, I missed the 4x100m due to it starting ahead of schedule. Lim, Pisang and Tengku got another bronze for the 4x100m (sorry 4th guy, can't seem to remember your name..) 

Day 3
Can't believe I screwed up in almost the same way for the 5000m, losing in the home straight again to Omar (UIAM). Suhaimie(UPNM), UPSI, Amirul(UPNM) and Wong were 3rd-6th. Tareef ran a 20+min personal best too. After we cooled down (and were done being emo about the race), we sat at the bleachers, when out of the freakin blue sky Coach Yusuff told Wong to run the 4x400m! I volunteered instead, since Wong didn't have spikes and joined Zaheen and Gulung at the warm up area. Minutes later, Wong came and joined us cause another of the 4x4 sprinters pulled out again! So here we were, a 4x400m quartet with only Zaheen as the original member! Well, Zaheen came out of the first curve at 1st pos and handed Gulung the baton still in 2nd, Me and Wong were next. We got last (haha... paiseh), but it was a lot of fun.

Steeplechase was in the evening and we had 4 participants Vekram, Fitkry and Afiq ran this grueling event.
Vekram led the race for the first 2 laps but pulled out after that. Good job to Fitkry and Afiq for pushing on despite looking utterly exhausted.

Congrats to Syafa for hitting Silver in the women's Javelin and Soh from volleyball for bronze in long Jump(Though I missed seeing it..).
group pic

Looks like our team is still shy of the gold. Hope that those who who joined the team in the final two weeks can continue training and competing for UTM. 

manager's meeting

women's 4x100m quartet

foolin around


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