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Monday, September 27, 2010

Olympic Day Run

This is the main event that i have been aiming for this sem (top list event)
all my trainings are focused to perform in this race.
join UTM explorace the day before, a very good experiences,
next time should practise more on mind challenge activities before join the race
very sorry to my team mates especially captain (ong's perfect-all win season was flawed)
aiyah, very sorry bro

after the race, straight rush to kl, reach K2 (UTM KL ) around 9.30pm, find Ah Long, and tumpang sleep a night in his room. thanks bro, hehe
the next morning, went to masjid jamek with ah long and waited for my sister and her students to come along from raub.

starting of the race, want to go fast also very hard, a lot people,
but i like the atmosphere very much.

slowly built up my pace,
felt great as got alot runners for me to pace and chase, hehe
long time didnt have this kind of feeling already.
finished in 15 placing,
still got a lot need to improve,

after run, have breakfast with my sister and her students at Mcd.
even though i didnt achieve my target, but it was a worthwhile experience.

congrat to ah long for finishing his 1st race in good shape
hope more will come, hehe

will work extra hard to perform in NIKE 10km.