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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Siemens Run 2009

This event i was decided to join last year also around end of June,but late to do so somehow also got other circumstances which related to my new semester registration of my subject difficulty.Anyway tis year also crash again with my calender!Aiyo....until when boleh try siemens run...its at 19th July ,sunday which is MUDS Duathlon first series in UPM!Macam ini,i hav no choice but to choose the later...

Ok,tapi apa yang i seronok is they mention the first 2k registration guys will get Reebok vest,cool!I pun nak..ha!Anyway sesiapa yang nak daftar do sms me or call me,i will help u guys register in bulk.or if u dun want u also can register online thru the website given in the siemens run.They also provide shipping of you race kit!But will charge you Rm 8.00.

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