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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Got infected by disease

Recently until now i am infected by kind of disease,which really make my performance down n no training in few days!Some more i cant really sustain the feeling of gatal all over my leg...i dun dare to shoot my leg to let u all see it but just find some pics frm internet so jus see see ba..what its been call as scabbies


OP Chan Jun Shen said...

scabbies has got something to do with your hygiene.. after training especially when u still sweating, don't wait too long.. quick2 go and wash up and change new clothes.

anyway, u can get the cream from pharmacies..
don't scratch.. the more u scratch, the more u get..
itz like gores dan menang. hehehe u like..... said...

yaya thnks i was infected by kind of insect which can lompat de very tiny n suck my blood as well coz near my house theres dead cat hence i think mos probably frm there its come..anyway i appreciate ur advice alot...thnks ya :-)