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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Interning and training part 2

Hi, yeah, the new semester has started for half a month, so this is just gonna be a quick go-through of two public tracks in selangor. Can't have a part 1 without at least a part 2 right? 

The track above is the kampung pandan track, it's 3-4 km from my internship company. As tracks go, it is actually one of the tracks i have been to with the most quirks. The track surface has a playdough-like softness to it, u can see the prints of football shoes all over the track, even doing push-ups will leave hand prints behind. The first time I came to this track, there was construction at the side of the road and 8 track lanes became 3. The second time I came, all 8 lanes were within the construction barricade, runners had to hop the drain over to the semicircular area when they encountered the barricade. Despite that, I really like this track, there's a really retro feel to it, from the blue painted wooden stands down to the rusted hurdles lining the wall beside the track. Another cool thing is that, unlike most other tracks, there's always somebody running intervals when I go there.

This track is the Subang Jaya Track, it's a very clean and simple track, and a hotspot for secondary schoolers. As you can see, the far side of the track is lined with fir trees which is a nice touch.

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