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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UTM Award-Giving ceremony 2012

Aloha everyone ,

So today's post is just a recap of last Saturday's dinner event which was on saturday night @ the Zon  (but no clubbin was involved)  ;)  .
After a long wait for the bus, finally the bus moved @ around 5:40 PM, where we have been waitin there since 5:00 PM. Zaheen being familiar with such punctuality, he decided to follow us later by his friend's car so he dont have to waste time (smart) .... This time it was Zaheen, Chau,Mozes, Khairul, syusukesyafa , and me (guess who)  who made it to the dinner night.

The most important thing was the food, basically i felt like we went to tasting night not a dinner night . Aside from the small portions, we had to stop multiple times while eating due to running out of rice. it was quite delicious thought, but not enough. Moreover, the dessert was only just some kind of juice !, no cake no fruits , nothing . Thus, i would rate the dinner tht night 7/10 .

But UTM was smart, in order to overcome such issue(small portion), they assigned a group of guys to perform a dance right after the dinner, and i wish they didn't !!!!!! As soon as they started to dance.. omg totally GAY . Just imagine couple of guys (with no girls) on the stage dancing on ''Sway with Me'' and grinding all over the singer !!! no way am gona listen to that song anytime soon for sure .. So UTM plan did work, right after those guys finished dancing i felt suddenly full , and lost my appetite to continue eating.

Away from the food, we encountered tht night a problem which was us being scattered all around, not all sitting on a same table . since Zaheen had to sit on the front tables so he can go up stage to get awarded faster, Khairul being a member of ETP (Excellent Track Program) so also she had to sit other table. Whereas me n Mozes sat on a table different from Chau n syusukesyafa since our team was a bit late to confirm the reservation .

Just settin there watching the students getting awarded for their achievements, it was like a motivational boast. imaginin ourselves self being on tht stage one day, ohh it just feels great ..

At last lets congrat zaheen for being awarded that night for his performance in last masum. Hopefully by the coming awards night we shall see more kakithoners being awarded ;)

Now i leave u with a couple of photos tht we managed to take tht night ..

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