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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Warning: This post is about Larian Hari Keputeraan that was ran last last week! So if u're looking for a Newton new year's run update you're at the wrong place!

Ahem... Zaheen if I wait for u're pics any longer, I'll most likely forget more than 50% of the race... couldn't curi any pics from facebook or the net either... so this is all we've got...

This race... haha... must be one of the most under-the-radar yet with generously cash prized races ever, even the super kuat-korek couldn't detect this race despite it being an annual event. The only scrap of publicity we saw was a banner in front of larkin stadium and on johor government's official webpage. And yet, not less than twenty strong runners from other states managed to turn up on race day (Arul Runners, Calvin Boon etc)! How come??

Firstly tq Jiha for helping us register and Zaheen for driving us there. Wong and I were kinda hyped coming to this event, as it was a staple kakithon event. Me, Wong, Zaheen and Tareef reached Larkin stadium (the dirtiest and most worn out stadium I've been to) at 3pm and started warming up. Met Zaheen's friend, K7 (that's his name, no joke) from Melaka there too.

The race was quite hilly with a series of 3 rolling hills and the sky seemed like it couldn't decide whether to rain or not. Staying true to Johor racing tradition it was around 1km under distanced (maybe Johor developed it's own standards of measurement for the km :P). Tareef was caught unawares and could only finish in 30+ placing, Wong, me and Zaheen were 18th, 9th and 7th respectively.

In a nutshell, it sorta sucked to still be out of 5th after the work i've been putting in, but the extra pocket money was welcome. The race was enjoyable because it was kinda at our backdoor, it was pretty localized (I have absolutely no idea what localized means, but it sounds cool), and the medal box allowed me to fantasize that it was an Olympic medal .

Happy belated new yah, folks!

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Tareef said...

Chau the chat box is not working anymore, did u disable it ?