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Friday, November 4, 2011

An outdated update.

Good day! This post has been long overdue, but hopefully it's better late than never... so... here it goes...


I don't wanna be a fair-weather blogger so I'll start with the "kantoi" at MUDS 3 UM. (I'll have to dig through a months worth of memory, so there might be a few inaccuracies.)

A little background info on this race, before we start:
(1)This is the hilliest leg of MUDS.
(2)Ong's best MUDS performances are usually at UM.
(3)UM is only 15 mins commute by bike from my house.

On Friday night we slept at my house and cycled there at 7:30a.m on Saturday morning, a pleasant change to waking up at 5 something, stuffing all our bikes into the car and looking frantically for road signs while driving! hahaha...

As I mentioned in (2) we were expecting something coming into this race due to past results, but coming into T1 Chan (UPNM) who was usually behind me during the first run was already 50-60m in front of me! At the first U-turn, I saw that Ong was already lagging behind on the bike, finally culminating in Amirul and Chan coming in 1st and 2nd, 4th placing for Ong and 6th and 9th for me and Wong respectively.

Although it was disappointing, I have to give a salute to the UPNM athletes, that was a seriously inspirational performance man!


Went to Johor clubbin' haven- The Zon on Sunday for a race with Zaheen, Wong, Ting, Jiha and Tareef. Kar Sing couldn't come last minute. In addition to feeling really fatigued, there were already a bunch of KL, Penang and African runners there so I wasn't aiming for anything.

However, this race turned out to be very rewarding! The organizers gave out colored wristbands at the 5 checkpoints instead of the usual ribbons or cheapie hair bands. Me, Zaheen, Jiha and Ting got cash and hampers, but the real cream on the cake was that due to not having enough hampers for Ting the organizers decided to reimburse her with rm50 voucher and treat her to a buffet at Regency Hotel above us. being the good friends we are we could hardly let her have lunch all lonely-like right? So kakithon tucked in on the free buffet for lunch too... cool huh?

Tareef missed the medals at 21st due to slacking off at the end. Lesson learned?hahaha...
Thanks to Zaheen for borrowing his friends car and sending us there too!

That's all folks. Train hard, live free.... and eat for free...

P.S: before this the issue of not knowing the author of the blog post came up. But I guess it's easier now with Wong punctuating his posts with "hehe"s. So if u're a true kakithoner there will be no problem anymore knowing who was the one that posted! XD

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