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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recent Races and happening

Seem like every1 is busy with their semester break.Let me update some of you guys current situation,do correct me if i making mistake here.Thanks

Among those taking their LI are Wong,Zaheen,Liting,Loh,Lai.I think Wong damn busy whole day ,and he is saying he seem like a construction worker in the site at Taiping there,ha!Loh also very busy at Shah Alam ; Ting may be is most "free " among those taking LI,hehe.Anyway i must say that no matter how hard you work,you must really take care of your health,make sure you take your breakfast before go 4 working,it is very important.Well...some of you may be finding hard time for the training,then you must plan you schedule wisely.May be a little 15mins of training will do(Dont look down at this short period actually can helps you!)

Busying with their own programme in UTM are Lim Kor,Gan,and Black.Actually i love those kind of lifestyle in UTM during sem break,coz no1 inside campus,you can really focus in your training programme(peace of mind)infact beofore this i hope to set up sem break training programme for all kakithoner,in the end....failed.If you want to become strong,there you are,this is very crucial period to shape up yourself.

Working life are me,Chan,Jiha,Hsiung,Yong Han,Mr Faraied,Ida.Chan and Hsiung will head to Singapore soon,you can either contact them through fb.Jiha seem like working happily in her new company,ha!Yong han our future survey firm BOSS!Very busy everyday he needs to go to site,working till almost 8,9pm(he is the last 1 inside company),kesian him...but he enjoys it ha!Ida teaching in N.Sembilan if i not mistaken.Mr Faraied now stay and work in JB,sometime come inside UTM training,hehe.I stay at Genting Highland,do come find me when you cross over here.

Oh yeah,Tareef is enjoying his holiday in Abu Dhabi.

Recent Race results:KL Towerthon:Wong 12th time of 16:09min hes imporved 14th 1 sec behind him,time dropped alot:-( ; Lim Kor frustrated with his timing anyway hope he will not give up.Ida and Loh in top 20,congratz to you all.

Larian Bomba 2011,KL : Me and Wong 20-30th,Lim kor and Tareef top 50,Loh 16th.

Larian Antidadah UTM,Gan 1st;Lim kor 2nd.congratz to both of them and Jenne as well ;-)

Standard Chartered 5km Fun run:Ting got 7th rm200,congratz to her.Me and Han out of top open top 10 so fast....


ting said...

adui!! ong ah..!! y u put yong han n my photo here then din put urs ah..38 ~

Blackopoulos said...

Jiha also won Larian Anti Dadah got RM150

Car Loan Calculator said...

i just want to start runnig

jiha-run-for-life said...

hope one day we can do reunion at Genting...hahah is it ok ong??

weixiang said...

datang la anytime also can...treat u all buffet till stomach pecah..ha