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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Running Reports

with some veteran runners after nike 10km
far right is ah long
UTM International Festival-3 October 2010
this is a run that held anually for international students in UTM, but this year they allow for local students to join in.
distance around 4 km plus-plus, run around pusat kesihatan, kdse, then turn to meranti, and finally speed all the to krp.

chan was the 1st to cross the finishing line, followed by chow, wong, 3-4 international students(sorry i didnt remember la), then, kar sing who just recovered from his maiden marathon also reached the finishing line.

lai and low also did a great job for their run, hope this can stir up their spirit to further improve on their running
the organizer provided some sardin sandwiches and drinks for breakfast.
the prize ceremony was conducteted on 5 october, quite luxury prizes as we got some electric products such as toaster and head phone
hope next year, the organizer will do more promotion for the event

Nike 10km run

one of the best organized run, plenty of marshalls, water stations, arrow signs, and entertainment along the run, there were cheerleaders that really got the atmosphere going for most runners.

another thumbs up, is the luggage area, super fast and efficient.
one of the run that i was aiming to perform, but realized that i still got a lot need to improve, must go back UTM and prepare myself and our team well.

during the u -turn, i thought, i was in pretty good position, haha,
actually, the reality was the leading pack was toooooo far away already.
must have patience and continue to work harder liao,

after run, have charity breakfast at the nearby temple with ah long
ah long also have been starting to like running already, hope he can put more effort in training la, hehe

thanks to Aunty Moey for helping us to collect our bibs,
me and ah long arrived late, luckily Aunty was waiting for us, very paiseh about that,
one of the hardest moment to squeeze to the front as there are toooooooo many people, took more than 5 minutes but still couldnt get to the front. i followed behind ah long, he did all the navigation, hehe, thanks bro
hope to c u soon in UTM Skudai

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good job, well done to all the kakithon, train harder, there are many races in the pipeline....